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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 15, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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hey, everybody, i'm beth troutman, if you're looking for great videos, this is the show for you, "right this minute." ♪ some divers are gulping air trying to escape a tiger shark that -- >> wasn't exactly friendly. >> see what saves them when they realize -- >> that thing is out for dinner. a shocking scene as a cyclist is carried by the car that hit him. >> six miles back. >> why cops had to get to the driver before the angry mob did. a skier tries an extreme cliff jump.
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>> i mean, this guy goes flying. >> what made the whole thing go sideways. and his genius creations make you wonder -- >> how the heck does he do some of this stuff? >> now meet the final cut king and find out the stories behind his favorites. paul marsh caught a near-death experience on camera while on a spearfishing trip in the coral sea in australia. you can see this tiger shark coming up to his friend and dive buddy jeff buchanan and as you can see here, this tiger shark wasn't exactly friendly. now, they've got two spears with them which i think is what saved their lives. >> wow. that thing is out for dinner. >> yeah, you can see it's, like, just pissed. because it's, like, swimming real erratically and kind of, like, charging at them and then swerving out of the way.
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>> they had both of those spears on, that did not dissuade it from charging at them again and again. finally the boat gets close to them and they're actually able to climb out. >> that guy practically flew into the boat. [ bleep ] >> get in, mate. >> i'd be so worried about my leg. >> right. >> as you're pulling yourself onto that boat, you've got to get phantom feeling that the shark's ripping your leg off. >> exactly. exactly. which probably makes you to move faster to get back in the boat. and they do get in the boat successfully. >> wow! the footage. >> my god. >> and the fish has not gone away. >> oh, [ bleep ] mate! whoo. >> see, you can still see it above the water, but there it is. oh, yeah? this is my house. >> they did it. they went into its environment, so you can't blame the shark. here we go again. two examples of bad drivers.
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this first one is in china. look right here. on that bicycle is an elderly man minding his own business, except -- >> oh. whoa. >> yeah. that van loses control, swerves right in the direction of that bicyclist. >> oh. >> smashes into that post. he hit that post really hard. >> yeah. he flipped around that post. >> that driver apparently leaned over to pick up something that had fallen in the car, took his eyes off the road, and before you know it, boom. running into that person. so, that was a distracted driver. fortunately it does look like that elderly man is sitting here. we get a closer shot of the accident, and it looks like there are people there to help him and he is sitting up. he got pretty banged up, but fortunately he did survive this accident. the other incident happened in russia, this driver inside the
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audi was supposed to pull over for the police officers that were trying to pull him over because he violated a traffic law, but instead tries to take off and as he takes off you see an officer is grabbing on and end up getting grabbed but he did chase this guy and ended up ramming into a bus which eventually ends up stopping him. but this guy wasn't able to drive, he lost his license last summer because of a series of other violations and apparently since the very beginning of 2014 has already had 13 traffic violations. >> wait, in the last, like, three weeks -- >> what is it, 15 days, yeah. >> they should make sure that this guy doesn't have a car anywhere near him. maybe put him behind bars. >> this guy is a menace to society. >>o yeah. watch this guy come up over the ridge and just -- >> whoa! >> my man! >> oh. >> yeah! >> oh, my god! >> did he not know that was there? what did he think was going to
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happen? did he think it was an itty-bitty jump. >> no, no, this was all planned. they were attempting this big huge ski stomp. comes off the cliff but in midair starts to drift sideways and can't quite put his skis down and ride it out. falls into the big powdery snow. fine. i call this a success, i don't think it's a fail in my book, because the guy had the nuts to jump off that cliff and ends up injureed. the fail goes to the camera man for not staying with him. not staying with the shot. fail number two this guy's got his snowmobile out and he's test driving it. he just put a brand-new engine in this older snowmobile. >> oh, no. >> oh. man. he just put the engine in this sucker. and it was cool because it looked like he was riding a snowmobile in 1978! >> it's a bit of a vintage mobile.
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oh. >> i know, right? it's just -- >> ah, gosh. the good part is the snowmobile works. his mechanical skills worked. another good video from our friends over at juking. >> come here. >> two different videos that are going to leave y steaming mad. is f v argentina, it's surveillance footage of a woman who had just gotten out of her car to try to lift her own garage at her own home when these two thugs come up and try to take her car. taking this woman, throwing her down on the concrete, and then you see them get into the car, trying to steal it. but she's packing some heat, and by heat, i mean pepper spray. >> nice! i was hoping she had pepper spray. >> she's pulled it out of her purse and she starts spraying them as they're trying to back away! >> yes! yes, she put it right into the cabin of the car, too, so hopefully it got concentrated in their face. >> right in their faces. you see one guy bolt out quickly
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and run the opposite direction. the other guy runs out and seems like he's trying to come toward her but i don't think he can see them anymore. the guys run off and she jumped into the other side of the car and crawls over to the steering wheel and she's ready to go inside where she can be safe. >> cool. in this next video these people weren't able to defend themselves against these guys. this is at a pizza hut in garland, texas. and what's really awful, this is new year's eve. nobody really wants to be at work on new year's eve anyway and you got these two coming in armed. keep watching the video because this is what's really going to make you really angry. one of the guys takes a customer, forcing that customer along with other employees at gunpoint toward the back of the store, keep watching because the second gunman he's on a mission as well and he holds the gun right to the manager's head as the manager there in the far left corner is being forced to give these guys an undisclosed amount of cash. according to reports there were
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no injuries. but police are still looking for these guys. that's why they released this surveillance footage because they're hoping that somebody might recognize something about these two. a cab gets stuck in a tree and -- >> it's been out there for a really long time. >> see who comes through big to save the day. and a pup who likes to -- >> smell good. >> see what clean scents he loves rubbing on.
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i'm going to preface this video by saying you're going to be absolutely appalled by what you see. this is traffic cam footage from brazil, and pay close attention to this car coming from this direction under the overpass. as it comes driving up, you'll notice this motorcycle cuts right in front of him and makes him stop. >> what the heck -- >> there's something on the hood! >> oh, no. >> there is a man on the hood of his car actually in the windshield. according to reports, that was a cyclist that this driver hit six miles back. >> what? >> unfortunately that cyclist did not survive the impact of this accident. >> wow. that is so horrible. >> the camera ends up zooming in on this situation, and you see the motorists have gotten out of their car. they are blocking this man from driving away from trying to escape. and they are good samaritans
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because they do call police, and police arrive on the scene to take care of this situation. now according to reports on this incident, the driver of this truck was drinking at the time that he hit the cyclist. now, in this video, you do see police taking the driver away in handcuffs. and they put him in the back of this police vehicle. the driver of this truck was a 58-year-old man. according to reports the cyclist, the victim, in this incident was a 31-year-old man who had spent the day at his mother's house doing some work and was cycling back towards his home at the time that this accident happened. he's known as the final cut king but i got to say the king of just awesome videos online. very short videos. you guys know zach king. this is seven minutes of just awesome clip after awesome clip. every single one has your scratching your head how the heck does he do some of this
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stuff. let me show you some of my favorites. >> i hit that routine. the bed, all his clothes are on top of the comforter. what the heck? you might remember he had one of these on our show where he turned juice into candy. how the heck does he do it? >> it's because he's brilliant and knows his way around a camera and the computer. >> this is a fruit swap 2000, put it down and take an apple and make it a banana. >> that one is impressive but there are edits so he's talking through that one, too, how is he doing that and make the fruit change? a fruit swapper 2000. >> he could have all sorts of black magic skills. we've got zach king the final cut king joining us "right this minute." round of applause, my friend. >> thank you. thank you. >> unbelievable. >> how you do this, we have no idea, but tell us about the process. how do you come up with the ideas? >> i'll preface it by saying that i graduated film school
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about a year ago and i live in a guy with eight or nine guys and that's where the ideas come from. every morning i come up with 95 to ten ideas and i'll do one of those that day. >> what do you want to do with yourself besides making the videos? we don't want you to stop but you got to pay the bills. >> i want to be a filmmaker, i would love to be at a theater and see people lined up to see one of my movies. that's my ultimate dream. >> this is a tough question but do you have a favorite from this seven-minute video? >> shooting with the kitten is always fun. animals are great. i took a cracker goldfish and threw in a glass of water and becomes a real fish. that's my favorite, i think. >> you've created a following online, it's been so successful, will it be harter to make the jump out of youtube and go to something bigger? do you feel sad leaving it behind. >> i don't know how it will transition, but you can take the online following and take it other places and you are seeing online creators taking it to tv
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shows or taking it even to feature film work as well. did not lift the cone of shame interrupt her game of fetch. this is piper, she's 6 months old and lives in georgia, this is six days after she had her dew claws removed and she's spayed so her owner is, like, let's go out and play some fetch. as you can see, she does get a little tunnel vision early on in this game. he throws the tennis ball. the ball goes one way. she goes the other way. she's, like, where did it go? where did it go? >> oh. >> she's got blinders on. >> horse blinders. how can she see anything? you have to throw it straight ahead. >> it's so sad when she goes to pick it up because the cone goes flat against the ground. almost going to fall into a headstand. >> it looks like a vacuum cleaner when the cone goes on the ground and all of a sudden the ball gets sucked up. like a vacuum. >> it's hard to believe she was actually able to reach down and get it but she does. >> smile for the cam.
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this is a bronson a wolf-looking dog who likes to smell good. >> what's on there? >> it's the rag that i cleaned with, stainless steel cleaner. >> the stainless steel appliance cleaner was applied to the rag and used to clean the appliances and the owner says he has -- william krause is the owner and he has to make sure he puts the rag away or bronson will kind of rub up against it. they say he loves lotion, car interior cleaning products and his very favorite is the stainless steel cleaner. >> so much for having a clean refrigerator. it's an nba star inspired internet trend. >> called lebronning. okay. drawing the foul. >> right. >> when you are barely touching somebody. >> how a little brush makes for a big flop. >> oh! and -- >> oh, wow. >> see the adorable way these little cutis dig into a tasty treat.
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>> that's too many!
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>> wow! >> because when they're all hyper from all the sugar, that's when mom and dad come home and you just get to peace out. >> right. >> they were really well behaved. they sat here and ate all their food. >> do you see that? >> it's so much fun to watch. >> it's really cute especially when they go from one marshmallow to a handful of marshmallows, like, r see iyou can make a baby happy. no word on what happened afterward. and speaking of words, what's one of the hardest words to learn as a kid? it apparently is spaghetti. and this is ella learning how to say spaghetti. and it's so darn cute. the mom helps her out. >> spa. >> spa. >> ghetti. >> she breaks up the word. >> spaghetti. >> she kind of got it. >> got it. >> she added like a ha, it was
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haghetti. >> as the video ends she goes back to old way. >> now, say spaghetti. >> have some. there's a new thing taking over the internet. along the lines of flanking, owling, batmaning, teboing, it's called lebronning. lebron james of the miami heat very well known for his overexaggerated flops. trying to draw a foul. we tried to get a video of lebron doing that, but paying the nba what they want -- >> no. >> -- for a flip, we'd need to be making lebron kind of money. ♪ multiple videos all over the internet. this thing going viral. here's one. oh, all right, so, yeah, okay, drawing the foul. when you're barely touching somebody. >> yeah. these people walking by each
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other. barely touching -- >> that guy didn't even touch at all. he just fell. >> just going for a dive. >> lebronning out here. >> that's what some people know lebron to do. this will catch on, too, not that it hasn't already, because it has, because a lot of people out there don't like lebron for whatever reason. >> whoa. >> this is kind of funny. >> this is kind of funny. a lot of vine videos, too, kids just walking down the hallway of their school and just flopping. and it looks like they are doing to some people that are unsuspecting, but it's funny to brush shoulders with somebody who doesn't know you're about to flop and you flop. >> the new hot thing called lebronning. >> lebron is pretty connected, i wouldn't be surprised if he makes his own lebronning video. >> some people argue he does it pretty much every game. it's a polar bear snoozefest. >> it's so cute. >> slack jawed. you know she is drooling on her pillow right now. >> the
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who doesn't like a delicious jolly rancher? >> everybody likes jolly rancher. >> there's a pinterest post and it's how to make jolly rancher suckers from the little jolly rancher bites you can get and the girl from the cafe mom studios put this challenge to the test. >> we're going to find out if jolly rancher suckers are a pinterest win or a pinterest fail. >> photo bombs right now by a little guy that wants to help. >> and we're actually going to do three of these and line them up like that. >> set your oven at 275 degrees. they're going to melt down in just six minutes or so, then you're going to put the lollipop sticks in them right away. >> tell me, what do you think? >> it's pretty cool. at first, i was going to say, what, they make these. but it is very different. they are multiflavor. >> you could shape these, too, if you're so inclined. >> i bet it makes your kitchen smell good. >> easy treat. super easy, and super fun, and
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you have to try it with your kids. they will love you and they will be very hyper. where would our show be without go pro cameras? that's a tough ones because a lot of our videos are from people from all over the world with their go pro cameras. we're not the only ones saying thanks this year. >> this is the founder of go pro and the ceo, nick lemmon. >> they won a tech emmy for you heard the guy say it, inexpensive, small, rugged hd camcorder and you are seeing the ceo and founder of go pro going to accept it while holding a go pro camera. >> that makes it so much tter, you get emmy for that piece of equipmt. >> back in 2009 go proara company. and then i'm now standing up here on behalf of all of go pro to receive this emmy. >> he created this camera because he was a surfer and wanted to get cool shots of himself surfing on his surfboard
3:57 pm
but, of course, it's grown into something far bigger and far more lucrative. if you want to check out nick woodman's emmy acceptance speech, we'll put it on our website, click on today's show or you can watch it on our mobile app. >> it feels very good to be recognized. thank you. thank you very much. the super cute animal moments caught on camera. that is a tree-trimming crew that volunteered their services to rescue a cat that was way up there in that tree. >> that's cool of them because that wasn't expected. it's not something they are required to do it. they did it out of the goodness of their own hearts. if i ever need a tree trimmed, i'm hiring these tree trimmers. >> i'm nervous because he's going for the cat with no gloves and the kas up in the tree are scared and they go -- >> this cat was exhausted and he'd been out there for a really long time. >> did they find the cat's
3:58 pm
owner? >> no. to a zoo where in december they had the bird of two polar bear cubs. >> so cute. that little polar bear looks like he's dreaming that he's in school. raising his hand. i know the answer. >> so cute. >> it's so cute and mom's mouth. >> lack-jslack jawed. >> you could watch this all day. the cub is sleeping slack jawed. >> this is precious. >> it makes you wonder how did cats take over the internet? >> right. it should have been polar bears! that's it for our show and we'll see you for the next edition. ó@ó
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>> 24 hours to a better body with cameron diaz. >> i believe we are the most force in the world. >> today on arizona. camp ran shares her 24-hour to fight back. >> i can't believe you do that. look at that. completely wakes up my digest transact. her formula for staying fit. up next n diaz coming on "dr. oz." told you that i in 24 hours you could have a better body? that? you like [cheers and applause] dr. oz: it happens to be true. here to prove it one


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